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Kitchen Lighting and How to Get it Right

Kitchen Lighting to Keep your Kitchen Vibrant Kitchen lighting design can mean the difference between a light open space and a dark small space. A kitchen is where a family meets. It brings people together, as the IKEA adverts, you always end up in the kitchen at... read more

Tiling Small Bathrooms Helpful Tips and Hints

Tiling Small Bathrooms For Your Home In our previous blogs, we have discussed layout and the design of small bathrooms. However, we have not discussed tiling small bathrooms. The tiles in your bathroom can get over looked. Tiles can make a big statement in small... read more

German Kitchen Designs You Can Have at Home

German Kitchen Designs For Your Kitchen If you are looking to give your kitchen a makeover, then look no further. Our German kitchen designs suit any home, making your kitchen a bright open space for the whole family to enjoy. 2017 has seen big changes for kitchen... read more

Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Watch Out For

Kitchen Cabinet Trends For This Year Kitchen cabinets are essential when it comes to your kitchen design. They are the staple of the kitchen. The first part of the kitchen that anyone notices will always be the cabinets.  The kitchen cabinet you choose will define... read more

Tile Trends for 2017 | Lincoln Bathroom

Top Tile Trends for the Rest of The Year Our team have been conducting some research and have come up with a list of top tips on the tiles you should be laying down in your kitchen and bathroom. So without further ado lets jump right in to the list of top tile trends.... read more

Top Tips When Visiting a Bathroom Showroom

Bathroom Showroom Advice To Get The Best Experince Part of installing a bathroom includes visiting a bathroom showroom. Preferably one with various brands by a designer who can offer you experienced advice. Although, even with the presence of an in-house designer,... read more

Kitchen Showroom Advice for Customers

Kitchen Showroom Benefits to You and Your Home Any buyer wants value for their money. However, trawling endlessly around towering cabinets, appliances, and a bunch of worktops in a kitchen showroom leaves a purchaser exhausted and confused. Most would end up deceived... read more

Small Bathroom Design Tips For Your Home

Small Bathroom Design Can Be Fun One of the biggest challenges that modern day home owners and even renters are faced with is how to deal with extremely small spaces. One of the areas that this problem is most often found in is the bathroom. Creating small bathroom... read more