Our Buying Guide to Retro Style Bathrooms Will Knock Your Socks Off

The retro style bathroom has long since been a firm favourite of ours. Not only is it unique in its own right but the retro style bathroom has influenced many modern bathrooms. Our buyers guide will show you what designs are making their way to bathroom showrooms and what you can have at home. The majority of a retro bathroom comes down, mostly, to the theme you go for.

Retro is an all-encompassing term. Retro could mean 60’s, 80’s style, it is even now being used as another term for vintage, so it is important that you make sure you know the theme you want to go for. We have got some helpful tips and advice on how to make your retro bathroom standout from the crowd.

Buying Guide for Retro Bathrooms That Catch Your Eye


Using greenery in your bathroom is sure to give you that retro feel, especially the types of plants that have large leaves. It has a dramatic effect on your bathroom. Whilst most plants tend to wilt in a bathroom environment, there are some that really thrive. Aloe Vera and Boston Ferns really give your bathroom and retro, tropical feel to it and they will thrive in a bathroom due to the steam and the light.


Using the term industrial does not mean what you think it means. Mostly, people will think of grand piece, large and in your face styles but that’s not what we mean. Industrial, mechanical, looking at the ways you can open up the space and keep it stylish. The trend for retro bathrooms now is to have open, steel pipes and have the plumbing on show. Another root you could go down would be to brass taps, the Victorian style faucet. They give the bathroom an aged but trendy feel.


Last but by no means least, the flooring. The flooring can usually get plastered with the same old white wash tiles. That is not what makes a retro bathroom retro. You want the floor to represent the style. Some Moroccan style tiles can give your bathroom that lift that you never even knew it needed.