Walk in Showers

As we all live busier lives, the time to fill and enjoy a bath has become increasingly limited. Consequently most of us now shower, but usually in a small enclosure squeezed into the bathroom or standing in the bath itself. If you are fortunate enough to have a large bathroom that can accommodate a bath and a separate large shower you are one of the lucky few.  If you shower more than bathe, it makes good sense to think about removing the bath and installing a walk in shower you can enjoy every day.

Wet Rooms

Here at Luna Living we are the stockists for a wide range of walk in showers, as well as wet rooms and steam rooms. Come to our showroom today so we can advise you on the best option for your needs, but if you can’t, here are the brands that we stock:

Shower Systems

We often forget how long it is since we had new bathrooms fitted. In that time technology moves on. No longer a simple hand set on a sliding bar, often fed from a manual mixer valve, you know the sort, someone flushes the toilet and you get scolded while trying to reset the temperature.

Today it is possible to select each individual part of your system to achieve the luxury shower of your choice. From simple thermostatically controlled bar valves through to full digital systems. You may prefer the minimalist look of a single rain head and discreet thermostatic control or maybe a full system with body jets.