Luxury Showers

We often forget how long it is since we fitted our bathrooms and in that time technology moves on. No longer a simple hand set on a sliding bar, often fed from a manual mixer valve, you know the sort, someone flushes the toilet and you get scolded while trying to reset the temperature.

Today it is possible to select each individual part of your system to achieve the luxury shower of your choice. From simple thermostatically controlled bar valves through to full digital systems. You may prefer the minimalist look of a single rain head and discreet thermostatic control or maybe a full system with body jets.

Shower Heads

The rain or drench head has become a favoured option for most people today, choose from multiple sizes in round, square or oval. Or for that real wow factor what about a stunning LED lit head creating a stylishly lit waterfall from above.

Showers can be all in one systems with the controls, handsets and even rain heads as one unit fitted to the wall of your shower or all separates. Separates allow you to choose each part individually and position them as you wish. So if you would like the controls to the system to be just outside your walk in shower that’s all possible.


The latest digital systems by Aqualisa are the ultimate in showering. You set the temperature digitally as well as the flow rate and the system maintains them. It can even memorise four individual settings, so all you have to do is press your assigned button and the shower will start at the temperature and power you prefer. What’s more Aqualisa provide a 5 year warrantee on all digital systems for complete peace of mind.

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