The Architectura bathroom collection offers a wealth of design possibilities. This collection from Villeroy and Boch bathrooms was designed by professional bathroom planners and includes washbasins in surface-mounted, wall-mounted and under-counter variations. The washbasins are available in round, oval and angular forms; perfect for individual bathroom planning.

v and b modern yellow bathroom
Villeroy and Boch aveo bathroom


Form and function are ideally combined in the Aveo New Generation Collection. This new collection is the next step in development of the Aveo range that was designed exclusively for Villeroy and Boch bathrooms by the Conran & Partners design studio in the United Kingdom. The CeramicPlus coating fired into the glaze provides an ultra-smooth finish that dirt and lime scale struggle to stick to. This makes cleaning quick and easy while maintaining that newly fitted look for years to come.


The timeless Hommage collection is characterized by its classic early 20th century design; and brings together traditional elements from a grand era. The stepped design running through the Hommage range coupled with a combination of real wood and marble lend a feeling of classical elegance that will always impress.

v and b hommage stylish bathroom
Villeroy and Boch bathrooms Lincoln la belle bathroom

La Belle

The La Belle Collection transports us back in time thanks to its elegant and sensuous feel. The collection’s subtle curves and detail, such as the La Rose floral decor are truly seductive. The functional aesthetics in La Belle can be seen in thoughtful design touches such as the ceramic waste cover in the wash basin. The CeramicPlus surface treatment makes for quick and easy cleaning and comes as standard.


Clean-cut and very contemporary, Legato is a complete bathroom collection of uniform elegance for sophisticated tastes. The slim line styling of the Legato basins make them the perfect choice for those who like simplicity, and look equally as impressive wall hung or combined with one of the many vanity options.

v and b black sinks and taps
v and b fancy bathrooms with sink


Stylish minimalism is reflected in the restrained design and form that is the Memento collection by Villeroy and Boch bathrooms. With sophisticated colours, such as glossy black emphasising the purity of the ceramics. Memento is simple and bold; the key to its timeless design lies in the modern combination of wood and glass.


O.novo allows complete creativity in the bathroom, as this collection from Villeroy and Boch bathrooms encompasses the entire spectrum of modern bathroom design. The products range from beautifully shaped wash basins to classic shower trays and toilets.

v and b o novo modern stylish bathroom
v and b sentique white bathroom


The porcelain in the Sentique Collection uses both straight lines and restrained curves in complete harmony. The straight lines are reserved for the non-ceramic elements of the design, whereas the discreet curves are on the ceramics. With its simplicity of design, this classic bathroom marries old and new seamlessly.

Subway 2

The versatile Subway 2.0 is an incredibly popular design which will work in any size of room with its curved or angular shape options. The extensive range in both round and square form adapts to fit, meaning that even smaller rooms can be used to optimum effect. The collection includes a broad range of basins from a 1.3m double; to petite corner basins for a small W/C. Their minimalist and well thought-out design has been achieved with functionality in mind and has made Subway 2 one of Villeroy and Boch bathrooms’ top selling collections.

v and b subway bathroom
v and b venticello bathroom header


The new Venticello bathroom collection impressively combines form and function: very thin edges and a fashionable, delicate design creating a sophisticated effect featuring smart detail. For a particularly elegant look there is also the option of white or grey glass fronted vanity units, a signature feature of Venticello.