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Thinking About a Full Bathroom Renovation but Worried About the Cost? Read Our Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Bathroom and Give it a Fresh New Look

1) Functionality Fixes

Storage and usability is always important when redecorating your bathroom. Adding some extra storage, shelves or towel hooks can make any room feel more spacious and hide away the various untidy collection of lotions and potions from the edge of your bath. This will provide a clean look and will make your bathroom seem less cluttered and more decorative. We recommend wicker baskets, shiny shelves and a vibrant shower curtain to brighten up the space.

2) Accessorizing Additions

Whatever style you are going for, be it rustic, elegant, fresh or quirky, accessorizing your bathroom can be cost-effective and create a whole new feel to the room. This could be a snazzy shower curtain, a glittery chandelier or a vintage mirror for the personal touch.

3) Contemporary Character

When accessorizing, you may want to look at current trends that are set to last at least the next few years… do you remember the avocado-coloured bath trend a few years ago? Currently ‘in’ is bright colours and contemporary patterns on a sleek, modern backdrop. Although, older-style bathroom renovations can now be classed as ‘vintage’. Adding character is all about showing your personal style and even a few colourful towels and bathmats can liven up even the most basic of bathroom designs.

DIY Guide to Bathroom Renovations

4) Grouting Genius and Tiling Treatments

Grout. A bathroom terror for most of us but it is a well-known problem that despite cleaning, white grout is the first part of a bathroom renovation to show its age. We’ve got some great time and money saving alternatives to re-tiling…

Sometimes cracked, aged grout does need to be replaced but we suggest that black or grey grout can look great for many years to come, and can introduce a contemporary and unique feature. For well-maintained grout, a deep clean and the invention of grout pens can make your tiling look almost brand-new again and give you an excuse to colour in for a few hours! Dated tiles can also be invigorated with tile paint, a miraculous invention to put that shine back into your shower.

Luna Living offers more than just complete refits and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help and take you round our 5000sq/ft showroom. Be inspired by modern elegance and German design, and view our great selection of bathroom accessories and easy to maintain tiles.

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