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In May 2017 we received an email from Flt Lt Alan Greenwood based at RAF Coningsby requesting our possible assistance in the refurbishment of 3 welfare flats for base personnel.

“Their primary aim is to allow personnel who live in a single person quarters to have their partner, spouse or children be able to visit them and stay in a homely environment within the Station grounds. Similarly there are those individuals on Station who are separated from their children, and currently are required to book expensive hotels around the country to spend quality time together. The welfare flats exist to alleviate that cost. They are also made available in case of welfare emergencies.”

“Understanding your expertise we are hoping that you may be able to help, even possibly with old stock that would be enough to provide splash backs for bathroom sinks, or kitchen work surfaces throughout the Welfare accommodation.”


Pictures of the existing condition of the flats that require renovation

As a high profile local business we receive many such requests at Luna which unfortunately we are not always able to accommodate. However we felt this was a very special case and the staff and directors decided they would like to get involved, but not to just supply a few tiled splash backs. Together with our suppliers we decided to try and fit out three complete fully tiled new bathrooms.

We started off by visiting Flt Lt Greenwood at Coningsby to take a look for ourselves and measure the rooms. We explained we would like to try and supply more than just a few tiles but did not elaborate more as we did not want to make promises to early. Our bathroom designers then created designs for each of the rooms. This had to be done carefully so as to avoid too much alteration to the existing plumbing and fabric of the rooms and make it possible to achieve the goal of fitting out all three bathrooms.


Once we had the designs completed we raided our warehouse for as much product as we could find. We then called and emailed all of our supply partners and explained the situation, and to our great delight everyone we asked agreed to contribute items to complete the project.
Luna Living would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our supply partners who so generously contributed to this project.


RAF Coningsby as part of a substantial refurbishment programme, have recently regenerated it’s community welfare housing, modernising and re-furnishing them to a very high degree with both new fixtures and fittings.

These flats are available to all serving members of the Ministry Of Defence and Royal Air Force. These flats however, would not be possible if it was for the kindness and generosity of sponsorship from companies such as Luna Living and the Royal Air Force Association Charity. Their unstinting kindness has gone much further than financial contributions, they have dedicated their time and personal resources to ensuring that this project has been delivered. The level of merit goes beyond words when describing these individuals who have contributed.

The Committee who have worked tirelessly to renovate these flats continue daily to create an environment that will be available to all. With this in mind sponsorship is always greatly appreciated.”

Kind Regards,
Alan Greenwood