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3 reasons why you need a kitchen designer.

Most people dream of having a beautiful kitchens they can be proud of, however, despite hours spent saving images on Pinterest and researching the latest trends, not to mention the endless trips to homeware stores returning armed with sample after sample, the decision making can feel overwhelming. The once exciting project of creating your beautiful and unique kitchen is quickly replaced by frustration and often a room cluttered with empty paint pots and wallpaper samples pinned to every inch of free space in your ‘blank canvas’.

If you're thinking about visiting us in our showroom and asking us to help you with your kitchen design, here are our 3 top reasons why we are worth it.

#1 We help you avoid the costly mistakes

Creating a kitchen plan and design isn’t always as easy as it appears, every millimetre counts and there are lots of essentials that can be easily forgotten if you’re not used to sitting and planning kitchens every day.  
If you have, the next step is usually to start again with a new scheme, which will send your budget soaring to at least double what you planned to spend.

The money you would have typically spent on covering up the mistakes you encountered, could've been used to pay an interior designer who will help you avoid those costly mistakes, from the beginning!

REMEMBER: Ultimately, as the client, you’re still the boss! Sometimes all you need an interior designer for is to bring a fresh set of eyes, some well-practised methods and creativity to a project. Most interior designers offer different packages including every aspect of the design process from simply creating the vision to managing the entire project for you.

#2 Interior Designers aren’t just for the rich and famous

Every interior designer enjoys working with a high-end budget where the sky's the limit. However, most interior designers love a challenge too! A great interior designer will help you stick to a reasonable budget by mixing high-end pieces with cost saving items you may not have considered. They'll tap into their extensive resources to find the best price for the best items which won't be available to the general public! Without this insider knowledge, we'd all end up with the same room layout and soft furnishings that we saw while walking through the entrance at IKEA.  

#3 You will get the WOW factor without the hassle

Interior designers are well practised when it comes to thinking creatively, but also spatially. They learn to see the ‘overall’ picture that the client might struggle to see. Interior designers are paid to ‘think outside the box’, and it is something that they do every day and thrive on. They don’t just concentrate on the layout of the furniture, they go into much deeper detail, carefully considering lighting, materials and colour palettes to create a well thought out, functional and beautiful home aligned to its owners' unique tastes and style.

These are just a handful of benefits picked from an extensive list of reasons why hiring an interior design to do all the legwork in the remodel of your home is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

So what room are you already thinking of injecting a little ‘wow’ into?

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