Modern Kitchens

Modern and contemporary fitted kitchens account for the largest proportion of customer choices today. This can be anything from our selection of curved kitchen designs, handleless kitchens, high gloss kitchens and our soft touch range. The minimalist and contemporary designs are perfect for the modern home. These types of kitchens are engineered from manmade materials using only the most cutting edge technology to ensure great durability for many years.

glossy kitchen
wooden curved kitchens

Traditional Kitchens

The traditional type of kitchen draws upon wood, or wood effect designs. Often worked around a cooking range, these designs embody the traditional British country home. Whether a rich dark oak, a painted wood kitchen, or rustic tones; traditional wood kitchens are defined by their details. This typically includes framed doors or panelled woods which add depth to the setting.

Handleless Kitchens

Here at Luna Living we offer handleless fitted kitchens in high gloss or matt finishes.

High gloss kitchen doors have a light reflecting quality that produces a polished and luxurious finish, whereas matt doors reflect less light so their surface has a softer appearance compared to their glossy counterparts. Both finishes are available in a wide range of colours to finish these luxurious designs.

modern kitchen with a woman putting something in a cupboard
curved black kitchens

Curved Kitchens

This slightly unusual design offers a great way of creating a contemporary living space. Gentle shapes and curves reduce the harshness of sharp angled interiors, creating lovely warmth and softness, as well as a sense of continuity. With smooth flowing natural forms tailored to suit every individual space, curved kitchens are both effortlessly relaxing and easy to live with.

Soft Touch Kitchens

Embracing modern design are soft close kitchen doors and drawers. Our kitchen cabinets are as modern as they come with easy opening, soft closing and even dust sealed doors. Quiet cabinets and hi-tech design means your kitchen is the pinnacle of contemporary quality with the reassurance of German engineering.

sleek and modern chrome kitchen
daytime modern style fitted kitchens lincoln

High Gloss Finish

As their name suggests, high gloss kitchen doors are a stylish, clean and modern kitchen design. With the largest range of colour and finish options to ensure that your high gloss kitchen can be tailored to your exact taste and specification.

Matt Finish

Perfect for contemporary living, matt kitchens come in many different colours and can be designed easily around the space you have. A matt finish kitchen provides a smooth texture to kitchen units and surfaces but without the shine and deep reflections featured in high gloss kitchen finishes. Matt finishes can successfully create subtle and understated kitchen designs which are easy to maintain, extremely durable and can also be more resistant to fingerprint marks.

granite surface and cupboard handle
wood finish cupboards with handles

Wood Finish

With its assuring warmth and available in a multitude of tones, textures and grains; wood kitchen finishes make an excellent choice for the home. Whilst entirely different in looks, traditional British country fitted kitchens and modern designs alike can be created using wood. We know exactly which wood kitchen finishes will produce the look you want to achieve.

Painted Finish

Our painted kitchens are the next step to the wood styles we already offer. We also stock natural wood colours, but sometimes an injection of colour can be highly beneficial to a kitchen design.

blue wooden kitchen
stone finish cupboard with handles

Stone Finish

Each door within a stone kitchen is richly textured, with a natural surface quality that appeals as much to the touch as to the eye. This ensures you can create a highly individual kitchen which is beautiful as well as practical.

Glass Finish

Our painted kitchens are the next step to the wood styles we already offer. We also stock natural wood colours, but sometimes an injection of colour can be highly beneficial to a kitchen design.

black and sleek large kitchen