Gloss Worktops Making Your Kitchen Shine

Over the last few years laminated worktops have been introduced to out kitchens. This includes gloss worktops. The variety of worktops has expanded and thus we have a plethora of worktops to offer. The gloss worktops are a great choice for your modern kitchen.

Today we are listing a few examples of different gloss worktops that can be incorporated into various kitchen styles.

Black Constellation

The glossy black finish of this worktop gives your kitchen a look that is out of this world.  This worktop is becoming very popular. The style looks amazing and black worktops work well with any kitchen. Often people will want to go for an all-white pristine kitchen. They neglect to think about the amount of dust and dirt that shows up on an all-white gloss worktops. You can clean and clean forever and at times the gloss will still look filthy. However, with a black worktop there is a lot less up keep with them and they will always look stunning in your kitchen.


Matte grey worktops are the way forward. Especially for kitchen that have wooden cabinets. Kitchens with neutral colours and designs look very good with grey worktops. It adds a level of depth that cannot be found with white worktops. The grey of sets the lighter colours in the room creating a stunning contrast. It also looks perfect in traditional style kitchens, giving them a modern lift whilst still maintaining the classic character.

Gloss Worktops That Work in Your Kitchen

White Sparkle Andromeda

Whilst we have said that white worktops can be a struggle to work with, they do look amazing. They suit most kitchen styles and work great with any colour scheme. Especially white sparkle andromeda gloss worktops. The pearlescent sparkles in the worktop reflect the natural light, creating the feel of a much bigger and brighter space.