Hygge Trend Is Taking Our Homes By Storm

You may have already seen the word ‘Hygge’ being talked about a lot. If not we are sure you would recognise such book titles as ‘Hygge the Danish Art of Happiness’ or ‘The Little Book of Hygge’. Now, a lot of people think that hygge has only been a around for the last couple of years. On the contrary, the Hygge trend has been around since the late nineties. It is a Danish art form that centres around the notion of living in a calm, comfortable, collected space.

The word Hygge itself essentially means cosiness. With this in mind, Hygge has become a trend that has taken over our homes and more importantly our kitchens. There are some rules to remember, well we say rules, with Hygge it is more like suggestions you may want to follow.

Hygge Trend For Your Kitchen Top Tips

  • Calm spaces with ambient lighting, plenty of storage space to ensure the kitchen stays de-cluttered.
  • Cabinets, again to aid with the clutter but to also help with organisation, giving you peace of mind
  • Calming colour scheme. Neutral tones, whites and creams, and wood flooring. Giving you that natural vibe.
  • Blur the boundaries between functionality and socializing. There are certain spaces in a kitchen that become the social zone but if you open them up to the whole kitchen you’ll have a much more casual and calming experience with your kitchen.

These are the main focus points of Hygge for a kitchen. The last point is probably the most important. It gives you the freedom to make your kitchen whatever you want it to be, whilst also keeping it open to friends and family. The kitchen is a place of gathering for friends and families so keeping de-cluttered will give the space to enjoy your kitchen to its fullest.