Kitchen Cabinet Trends For This Year

Kitchen cabinets are essential when it comes to your kitchen design. They are the staple of the kitchen. The first part of the kitchen that anyone notices will always be the cabinets.  The kitchen cabinet you choose will define your kitchen.

Custom Cabinets

First of all the biggest trend we have seen this year with regards to cabinets has been custom cabinets. Designing a kitchen cabinet that suits your needs is at the top of the agenda when designing your kitchen. You have free reign to decide on what colour, style and function you desire your kitchen cabinet to have. However, whilst this choice is perfect for getting the exact cabinet you wish, there is a second option that is becoming more popular.

Kitchen designers are always evolving with the times and your kitchen cabinets are no exception. Most companies have come up with many styles to suit any home. As a result, even those who can afford the more expensive option of having fully personalised cabinets, have been opting for semi-custom cabinets. Not only because they are more affordable but they are often at times more flexible in their design.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs To Suit Your Home

Neutral Colours

Not only has this year seen an increase in clean lines and subtle design flares, neutral colours have started to play their part. White cabinets continue to be a popular choice for homes, not only does the colour make way for clean lines it also opens the space. Making your kitchen feel bigger and more welcoming. If white seems to stark a colour for the kitchen you want. A grey coloured kitchen cabinet, or beige will have the same effect.

We have seen that homeowners are selecting more neutral, earthy tones when it comes to deciding the colour of their cabinets. These colours work well with lots of kitchen designs. Furthermore these colours give you the opportunity to add bold, vibrant colours to accessorise your kitchen.

High-Tech Kitchen Cabinet

The world of kitchen design is constantly developing and adapting to new technology. As a result, many designers and homeowners are installing tech aspects to their kitchen cabinets. Adding features such as tablet holders, charging stations and hand free functions, making your kitchen more accessible to your technology.