Kitchen Design Services

Deciding on your new kitchen design should be an easy and pleasant experience in calm surroundings with helpful and knowledgeable people.

At Luna, we have the latest 3D graphic software from Winner Design. This means that once we have the basic dimensions of your room we can create it exactly on screen and begin to design your new kitchen design. We do not charge for this and once you have visited our showroom for a general chat about what you might like, we can call out to measure or you can bring along a simple plan.

kitchen design Lincoln very basic sketch diagram of future kitchen
kitchen design Lincoln graphic topology diagram of kitchen

Bring the essentials

If you wish to bring a plan along then drawer out the shape of your room, it does not need to be to scale, and add the dimensions of all walls, doors and windows. Remember to include any boilers, electrical cabinets, radiators etc. It is also important that we know the ceiling height.

Once we have a plan we will make a few notes about what you may like in your new kitchen design. These will be simple, at this stage we do not expect you to know exactly what you want and we will not be asking you to choose which worktop, hob or sink you would like.

We will then put together one or more kitchens and some guide prices for you to come back and look at. If you like the designs and are pleased with the estimates we will then look at each item in the plan for you to choose exactly the one you prefer from our extensive displays. We will change the plan and the costing’s while you are there. So after an hour or so (and a tea or coffee) you will see your new kitchen in perfect detail even down to the tiled floor.

You may wish to take some time to consider everything at this point, even return and make changes. This is expected and is a good idea to make sure you are completely happy with every aspect of your new kitchen.

kitchen design Lincoln graphic design of modern kitchen
kitchen design lincoln picture of a completed and modern looking kitchen

Should you wish, we can then proceed to a fitting quotation? One of our fitters will come into the showroom and go over your plans; they will then call you to make an appointment to visit. They will check the new design and look at your plumbing, drainage,  electrics, floor and wall construction along with all other relevant points and answer any questions you may have.

If you like the fitter and are happy with the installation cost it’s a visit back to the showroom for one final run through the plans where you can make any last minute changes before we book in your installation date.

We also understand if you have your own builders or fitters and are very happy to supply everything you require for you to fit.