Kitchen Lighting to Keep your Kitchen Vibrant

Kitchen lighting design can mean the difference between a light open space and a dark small space. A kitchen is where a family meets. It brings people together, as the IKEA adverts, you always end up in the kitchen at parties. The kitchen lighting is important. It sets the mood.

When you think of a kitchen, what do you think of? You most likely think of the cabinets, or the worktops. You might even think of the  main features, like the oven or fridge. The kitchen is the heart of the home. You can solve a lot of problems with a home cooked meal, or a chat over a cup of coffee. All from the comforts of your kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Adding Depth To Your Kitchen


Change it up, make use of the levels in the kitchen. Use a combination of ceiling lights and hanging lights. This gives the room a bit more depth. It also allows you to light the room in different ways. Your strong lighting will come from the spots in the ceiling. The lower lighting will come from the hanging lights. It also allows you to accessorise more. You can choose a lampshade to focus your colour scheme around. Or you could take it as an opportunity to add contrasting colours.

Kitchen Lighting Design Changing the Room

Under Cabinet Light

You can take a new stance on your kitchen lighting design. Make bold statements by using under cabinet lighting. You may be thinking that this isn’t much of a bold statement. Well using these as an extra source of lighting gives you the opportunity to try something new with your main lights. Large, retro shades can add that little extra decadence to a kitchen that you may have not thought of. The trouble with these types of shades, they can often cut some of the lights out. However, using the under cabinet lights you can still have all the brightness you need and keep the elegant finishes you desire.

Natural Light

Of course natural lighting would not be your only source of lighting. However, the more natural lighting that you have in your home. The more open the space becomes. It also means that you can save a lot of money on electrics and time from having to install new lights. If you are in the midst of redesigning your kitchen do not neglect the placement of windows. The natural light does wonders for a kitchen and you never know, you might get a stunning view out of it.