German quality

German kitchens have a global reputation for quality and durability. All of our kitchen cabinets are rigidly manufactured, as it’s the core of the industry’s success. However there are many customers who don’t understand what this means.

The kitchen cabinets we install use glued dowels. Therefore the process is a far stronger assembly method than that used by flat pack manufacturers. Every critical element of a cabinet is manufactured and quality controlled to exacting standards; material quality, draw box loading capacity, draw box alignment and door fitment just to name a few.


Our kitchen cabinets arrive pre-assembled and sit on heavy duty adjustable feet. If it is the last unit in a run the applicable side panel will have the outside laminated to match the kitchen so no separate decor panels need to be attached. All cabinet fronts are laminated, with the edges being laser welded to form a complete moisture seal and guard against future peeling.

Designs to suit you

The choice of kitchen cabinet sizes available is enormous. It ranges from all the usual widths but also to tall larder units and other units which come in a selection of heights. In addition, there are many internal and external corner cabinets in both square and curved designs and as you would expect all appliances can be accommodated both at floor and eye level.

Even with the most extensive range it may still be necessary to use an odd size cabinet. This may be just increasing or decreasing the width by a small amount or it may require a completely tailored solution.