Bespoke Kitchen Finishes

Door finishes can vary drastically, meaning the style choices for your kitchen are endless.

Arguably the most popular style of door is a slab door, available in an array of colours and either high gloss or matt finishes. High Gloss doors will reflect light around the room which can make a space feel bigger and lighter. Whereas, a matt finish will provide a soft texture, being subtle yet sophisticated.

High Gloss Kitchen Finish
Glass Kitchen Finish

An alternative to the classic slab door, is a glass fronted door. Having a 3mm safety glass veneer, these are also available in a matt finish. These doors are highly durable and easy to clean. The design glass is luxury, state of the art material providing a sleek and contemporary look.

Real wood door finishes come in various forms, from painted solid wood shaker style to a wood veneered slab door. This demonstrates the versatility of wood and how it can create different kitchen styles. The wood veneered doors can be striking with a strong wood grain; being elegant and contemporary whilst maintaining a warm, homely feel.

Real Wood Kitchen Finish
Stone Kitchen Finish

Two revolutionary finishes which are still fairly new to the market are stone and concrete.

Stone door finishes have natural volcanic stone veneers. The concrete doors are equally stunning, both are a great way to introduce texture kitchen. The unpredictable nature of these materials means no two doors are ever the same, giving the opportunity to create a ‘wow’ feature.