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Perfect for contemporary living, matt kitchens come in many different colours and can be designed easily around the space you have. A matt finish kitchen provides a smooth texture to kitchen units and surfaces but without the shine and deep reflections featured in high gloss kitchen finishes. Matt finishes can successfully create subtle and understated kitchen designs which are easy to maintain, extremely durable and can also be more resistant to fingerprint marks.

Matt Glass Kitchens

The most exclusive of all our matt kitchen finishes, our matt glass kitchens are available in a wide range of colours. The glass tones lend themselves effectively in conjunction with other luxurious kitchen finishes such as gloss, lacquer, veneers or stainless steel and this makes it a popular choice with architects and interior designers for use in flagship projects.

Matt Laminate Kitchens

Our matt laminate kitchens are produced by vacuum-forming a semi-molten foil over a pre-machined substrate which is then pressed and adhered together. These doors offer affordable luxury for every home.

Matt Lacquer and Satin Lacquer Kitchens

The matt lacquer kitchen finish is achieved by repeatedly spraying a door with structured lacquer paint. The process is very labour intensive but produces a continuous, edge free, door facia along with a depth of colour that fully epitomises its high quality robust look and feel. Matt lacquer kitchen finishes are extremely durable, easy to clean, and available in an extensive range of colours.


Matt Lacquer and Satin Lacquer Kitchens

Satin lacquer kitchen finishes is a new concept in kitchen door design. It offers a balance between the light reflecting properties of a high gloss door and the light defusing qualities of a matt door. The lacquer coat can be thought of as a mixture of high gloss and matt, producing a surface finish that reflects light whilst not creating reflection.