A versatile look

With its assuring warmth and available in a multitude of tones, textures and grains; wood kitchen finishes make an excellent choice for the home. Whilst entirely different in looks, traditional British country kitchens and modern designs alike can be created using wood. We know exactly which wood kitchen finishes will produce the look you want to achieve.

Modern Wood Kitchens

Modern wood kitchen doors typically have a flat yet textured surface finish. Along with their stylish and contemporary appearance, modern wood kitchen furniture brings character, definition and an appreciable solidity into any kitchen setting. It is also extremely versatile when designing a kitchen as it can be blended with various other ideas from your designer at Luna Living.

Solid modern wood veneer makes for a stunning and timeless door, with all the qualities of real wood but all the stability of an engineered core.

Our collection of high gloss wood doors proves a welcome addition to any potential kitchen design. During manufacture, the doors are engineered using 3mm slices of real wood which are adhered to a synthetic core and lacquered to an ultra-high gloss finish.

Modern Wood Kitchens

The more cost-effective option is our wood-effect, or matt wood laminate kitchen range which offers the high-quality associations of a wood kitchen whilst minimising the price. This finish closely resembles the natural appearance of wood for a warm, stylish and enjoyable living space.

Finally, we also offer the distinct rough cut, or cross-cut kitchen finish. These are coarser than other wood grained kitchen doors and are sawn across the wood grain in both directions, producing a richly textured finish.

Traditional Wood Kitchens

Whether its rich dark oak, painted wood finishes, or warm and comforting rustic tones, traditional wood kitchens are defined by their details. This typically includes framed doors or panelled woods which add depth to the setting.

Traditional painted veneer kitchen units exude the same look as traditional real wood kitchen doors, including the same grain patterns. However they have painted door fronts, available in a vast choice of colours allowing you to achieve a very individual kitchen.


Traditional Wood Kitchens

The option of a traditional wood-effect kitchen replicates the look of real wood, but is an engineered laminate finish. This makes them a much more cost-effective option for this kitchen style. The end result is a long-lasting, hard wearing finish that resembles natural wood but with all the benefits of an engineered door.