Kitchen sinks and taps

We have selected a range of kitchen sinks and taps that work in harmony with each other. Consequently the sizes and shapes of the sinks are designed to suit different requirements and spaces. They range from single individual bowls to combinations of one or more bowls with drainers, in left and right handed models. They are square, curved, round and even shaped to fit in to a corner unit.

The tap is probably the most frequently used piece of equipment in the kitchen. Therefore it must be engineered for a long life and designed to suit your individual requirements. That may mean a simple tap for a variety of different kitchen sinks. To compliment the designs of kitchen sinks, taps are available in polished chrome, brushed satin and even matching stone finishes.


Now add lighting; the ultimate kitchen accessory as it’s both functional and atmospheric. It’s an essential part of modern kitchen design and can make a dramatic difference to your kitchen’s look and feel. We have a few options for this:

  • Kitchen task lighting introduces a direct source of light onto a specific kitchen area. This increases visibility to help you in your work around the kitchen. It eliminates the shadows that can otherwise appear in these sites compromising vision and safety.
  • Ambient kitchen lighting is usually softer and more generalised than task lighting. Consequently this will affect the entire room space rather than a specific aspect of it.
  • Kitchen accent lighting is usually decorative and purposely intended to bring the ‘wow factor’. It draws attention to specific features of your kitchen. This might be illuminated wall units, glass shelves, light up drawers, or plinth lighting.

Storage Solutions

We offer a superb range of innovative, efficient and highly functional storage solutions.

Here at Luna Living we can design a kitchen that maximises the usability of all available space. This is whilst still ensuring easy and secure access to items you may need. When planning your kitchen we can advise you on which storage solutions are best suited to the available size and layout, but also to accommodate your personal lifestyle and kitchen habits.


Different Storage Ideas

Plate holders, cutlery trays, knife racks and towel dispensers to name but just a few of the accessories we can put into your unique kitchen. The storage solutions available are virtually limitless!

Furthermore smaller storage options can save space and provide storage solutions in what could otherwise be wasted areas in your kitchen. This includes wine racks, secret drawers, pull out spice racks (often in place of a filler panel) and popup sockets that retract out of sight when not being used.