Bespoke Kitchen Styles

Our expansive range of German kitchens means you have the versatility to create numerous kitchen styles including:

Traditional kitchen styles are eternally popular, depicting the image of a typical British home. Combining a classic design with the practicalities of a modern kitchen ensures the kitchen will be established as the heart of your home. Usually traditional designs include framed or shaker style units and often include an element of wood, whether that be the door fronts, worktop or flooring. With various choices of colours, door finishes, handles and worktops, at Luna Living we can help inspire you to create a current yet timeless design to suit your individual style.

Traditional style kitchen
Minimalist style kitchen

Contemporary kitchen styles will continually alter as trends change. We have an extensive range of contemporary kitchens for you to choose from, therefore you will never need to sacrifice your own taste or functionality for cutting edge style. Currently, the most popular trend is a handle-less kitchen with metallic accents, offering a sleek, minimalistic design which has a subtle elegance. Using two-tone colours and matt textures creates a warm and welcoming feel without seeming sterile. Innovative kitchen designs can be equally effective in a contemporary home or within an older property, creating a welcome contrast.

Industrial kitchen styles tend to be governed by their surroundings. Characterised by their raw, natural and stripped back style; wood, stone, concrete and metal finishes can bring a home to life.  Using materials such as these, which would ordinarily be hidden, is a contemporary look which largely differs from any other design aesthetic. Layering various textures creates warmth and adds depth to the space. Using the architecture of your home to capture your imagination is often a great way of accentuating the internal space.

Industrial style kitchen