Why choose a curved kitchen?

This slightly unusual design offers a great way of creating a contemporary living space. Gentle shapes and curves reduce the harshness of sharp angled interiors, creating lovely warmth and softness, as well as a sense of continuity. With smooth flowing natural forms tailored to suit every individual space, curved kitchens are both effortlessly relaxing and easy to live with.

Great for any space

Yet more than this, curves are also very practical; in a well-planned curved kitchen design the layout will arrange all of your everyday kitchen essentials into easy reach. Here at Luna Living we offer a wide range of curved kitchen units, available in a variety of materials and in an extensive selection of colours. Curved kitchens are not just for large spaces, there are also great options for smaller spaces which can be utilised effectively.

Our curved kitchen range

We offer concave and convex curved kitchen options for both wall and base units. These can, if space permits, be used in combination to produce a stunning, flowing appearance. The curved handleless kitchen format only enhances this further.

Our experience of designing curved kitchens has bestowed us with a specialist knowledge and capability; something which only comes through practice and familiarity.