High gloss or matt handleless kitchens

Here at Luna Living we offer handleless kitchens in high gloss or matt finishes.

High gloss kitchen doors have a light reflecting quality that produces a polished and luxurious finish, whereas matt doors reflect less light so their surface has a softer appearance compared to their glossy counterparts. Both finishes are available in a wide range of colours to finish these luxurious designs.

The popular option

This style of kitchen is popular because of its streamlined, sleek and elegant appearance. The lack of handles reflects a minimalist design approach toward achieving purity and simplicity. The emergent handleless kitchen style has a feel of cleanliness and elegant simplicity.

The demand for handleless kitchens has rapidly grown, as the clean contemporary finish is beautiful to look at and easy to maintain. The amount of colours and combinations available mean no two kitchens will ever look the same, making your kitchen completely individual to you.

Benefits of a handleless kitchen

The handleless kitchen’s elegant, clean appearance is its main draw but there are other benefits too. Doors without handles are easy to keep clean, there is nowhere for dust and grime to build up making them more hygienic. A handleless kitchen also increases usability and eliminates the possibility of cloths catching or clothes snagging. They also pose less of a risk to small children.


Benefits of a handleless kitchen

Their timeless appearance is also a benefit as the popularity of the handleless kitchen style is only set to increase rather than wan over time, a fact worth remembering if you think you might sell your home in the future. At Luna more than three quarters of enquiries today are about handleless designs.