High quality and increases your kitchen lifespan

Embracing modern design are soft close kitchen doors and drawers. Our kitchen cabinets are as modern as they come with easy opening, soft closing and even dust sealed doors. Quiet cabinets and hi-tech design means your kitchen is the pinnacle of contemporary quality with the reassurance of German engineering.

Electromechanical opening kitchen hinges

Rather than traditional kitchen hinges, a luxury alternative is doors and drawers that open electromechanically. This can be specified when designing your kitchen and enables the doors and drawers to fully open and close, triggered by only the softest touch.

This system can be implemented throughout an entire kitchen including all base and wall units of varying widths and heights. All kitchen hinge mechanisms are quality tested to 40,000 cycles, reflecting the average hinge lifespan.

Soft-close kitchen hinge systems

Soft-close door systems as their name suggests include a kitchen hinge mechanism which enables the door to shut slowly and softly, so regardless of the force applied, it will always close smoothly, with no slams. This not only minimises noise for a quieter kitchen environment but a softer close ensures a longer life for the hinges, doors and cabinets.