Traditional kitchens with a wooden finish

The traditional type of kitchen draws upon wood, or wood effect designs. Often worked around a cooking range, these designs embody the traditional British country home. Whether a rich dark oak, a painted wood kitchen, or rustic tones; traditional wood kitchens are defined by their details. This typically includes framed doors or panelled woods which add depth to the setting.

Personalise your kitchen

Further embellishments can be made to personalise your kitchen including delicate cornices, pelmets, balustrades and flying shelves over windows. Such details layered together ensure traditional wood kitchens make a beautiful addition to any home.

Wood-effect or real oak

The traditional wood-effect kitchen doors replicate the look of real wood kitchen doors. Whilst a close resemblance, these doors are instead engineered from a laminate finish. This makes them a much more cost-effective option, as the doors are manufactured by pressing a wood-look laminate over a pre-machined synthetic core and adhering the layers together. The end result is a long-lasting and hard wearing quality finish that is less inclined to twist or warp. Available in a choice of natural or painted finishes including the simple shaker style that never goes out of favour.


However if solid wood is all that will do, then solid wood it is. The traditional real oak kitchen design originates from the Victorian era. Synonymous with a sophisticated feel, the surface of our oak kitchens isn’t painted and is as natural as possible. This kitchen finish is still as traditional in style as kitchens can get, and capped with crown mouldings and decorative fluted pillars, creating a highly elegant look. Combined with a warm, rustic, welcoming atmosphere this ensures the traditional real oak kitchen makes a stunning addition for the home.