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Quooker is a family firm, based on enthusiasm and entrepreneurship. The pride of Henri Peteri, father of Quooker directors Walter and Niels Peteri and inventor of the boiling-water tap, is still tangible.

The Quooker was the very first boiling-water tap in the world. Inventions like the high-vacuum insulated tank, the all-in-one taps Quooker Fusion and Flex and the series of black boiling-water taps brought about a revolution in the kitchen. Innovation 'around the sink' still continues every day.


A Quooker system consists of a tap on the worktop and a tank in the cupboard underneath.
There are three different tanks. The choice of tank depends on the situation in your kitchen. View the collection here.

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The CUBE can be installed at the bottom of the kitchen cabinet, next to the Quooker tank. It includes a filter that makes the water just as pure as the bottled water you buy in the shop. The CUBE is attached to a CO2 cylinder that gives you 60 litres of cold sparkling water from your Quooker tap.

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