Top Tile Trends for the Rest of The Year

Our team have been conducting some research and have come up with a list of top tips on the tiles you should be laying down in your kitchen and bathroom. So without further ado lets jump right in to the list of top tile trends.

  1. Popular in Kitchens – From our research we have seen an increase in demand for terrazzo tiles. Terrazzo tiles have stunning designs, they have this miniature crazy paving look. A lot of kitchens have been installing terrazzo tiles as splashback material. This is because they require less maintenance than any other textual tile. The tiles also suit any kitchen colours. Not only are they easy to clean they look great as well.
  2. Tiles for Big Bathrooms – We have noticed that having both floor and walls tiled with the same materials is becoming one of the big tile trends in 2017. You will expect to see bathrooms with a solid, almost granite aesthetic. However, the residential aspect will not be lost.

Trending Colours and Designs To Top The Bill This Year

  1. Colours and Designs – Colours that are bold and deep will make a big hit this year. Designers are always wanting to create an aesthetic that is timeless. They also want colours that allow for changes in trends but can always stay relevant. For example one of the top tile trends we have seen has been an increase of people looking for a mixture of geometric tiles with different shades. Therefore staying on top of trends with out having to keep retiling their bathrooms.
  2. Top Picks – We predict that natural stone looking tiles will become popular for offering that timeless look. It also lends itself to a neutral aesthetic which will allow you to add accessories to accentuate certain aspects. For Example, we have seen a lot of neutral colours being accented with deep rich colours like plum. Creating an aesthetic that is truly timeless. We have also seen an increase in hexagon shaped tiles. The geometric patterns have become very big this year and is the tile trends to be on top of.