Adhesives and Grouts

When tiling, the bits you donโ€™t see are as important as the parts you do. Once fitted your tiles should give you many years of trouble free service, providing the correct adhesive and grout has been applied. At Luna we use Kerakoll products, they are acknowledged to be some of the most advanced on the market today and have made Kerakoll the largest manufacturer of tile fixing and associated products Europe. Luna will be happy to advise you on all aspects of tile fitting and suitable grouts, adhesives, trims and cleaners.

With so many different surfaces being tiled today it is very important to choose the correct adhesive and grout to ensure many years of trouble free service. As a Kerakoll stockist we stock some of the most technically advanced products in the world designed for almost any application.
All Kerakoll adhesives contain latex to help absorb shock and minor substrate movement. This is particularly necessary if you have installed under floor heating which causes expansion and contraction of the substrate and tiles. Kerakoll have developed specialist adhesives certified for use directly onto wooden floors or that can be applies to anhydrate floors without the need to prime. Where ever you plan to tile, indoors or out, we can supply you with the correct adhesives for all your tiling requirements.

Choosing the Correct Product

Choosing the best Products

On average 2% of all tiled areas are made up of grouted joints (far more on mosaics), this grout is a breeding ground for the mould, germs and dirt that discolour grout over time. The solution is to replace traditional cement base grouts with the latest liquid ceramic grout. This creates a ceramic finish that is easy to clean and totally stain and mould resistant, even in the shower.

Both our standard and ceramic grout (also our silicone sealants) are available in a large choice of matching colours.


If you choose natural stone floors, walls or work tops, it will be necessary to seal them to prevent staining. Existing stone will periodically need to be maintained by stripping the surface of all grease and contamination and re-sealing. As an LTP stockist we can supply the most advanced cleaners and sealers as well as grout removers, stain block sprays and stone polishes.

For the perfect finish around windows, alcoves and corners we stock polished aluminium tile trim in a selection of sizes.

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