Tiling Small Bathrooms For Your Home

In our previous blogs, we have discussed layout and the design of small bathrooms. However, we have not discussed tiling small bathrooms. The tiles in your bathroom can get over looked. Tiles can make a big statement in small bathrooms. People will often ask what they can do to their bathroom when they have limited floor and wall space. So our advice would be to tile it. Tiling small bathrooms offers so much when it comes to dynamic style. Not only can tiles be bright and vibrant they can create a pathway to establishing a theme with your bathroom décor. We have got lots of helpful tips and tricks to give you the tiled bathroom of your dreams.

Large Tiles?

Often people are told, either by tilers or their peers, that smaller bathrooms cannot stand having large tiles incorporated into their design. This, of course, is a myth. In fact, there are no rules when it comes to tiling small bathrooms. Your bathroom is just that, yours. You can style your bathroom in any way you like. Actually, big tiles in a small bathroom can establish a grand statement. The advice we would give when installing larger tiles in smaller suites is to not cut corners. Literally. If you end up having a sliver of a tile at the edge of the wall it can take away from the grand statement of having large tiles.

Tiling Small Bathrooms Is All In The Placing of The Tiles

Going Oblong

To get a more textured, striking look when you ae tiling small bathrooms you can go for the staggered oblong tiles on the wall. This contemporary design looks great no matter how small the space. Our top tip for this style would be to use three different sized tiles, keep them all rectangular but just change up the sizes. This can make for a very effective feature wall. You don’t need to change the colour or add and different shapes. The slight change in sizes will give your bathroom a diverse, modern look.

Exposed Brick

If you are looking for a simple, traditional style of ‘tiling’ that can still have a high impact look no further than your own brick wall. The dark hue that exposed brick can cast is juxtaposed by the stark white of the sanitary ware. Giving your small bathroom and authentic vintage feel.